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“ιм αη αятιѕт αηԃ ιм ѕєηѕιтινє αвσυт му ѕнιт.”

Welcome Heaux

Love and Light ✨

I don’t know how you came across this page but I’m glad your here. Pull up..grab your favorite virtue.. let’s talk. Well- I’ll talk..you listen..if anything resonates? Lets talk about it.

  • 11:26 am
    I have been at peace A LOT. Like so much I almost come to tears because God has really gotten me far. Covid was a time of restoration for me.… Continue reading 11:26 am
  • Self Love
  • 12:35 pm
    Whenever I get irritated I take a nap. Because my attitude will rage out of control. I used to cuss and cry. Okay. So it’s a work in progress. I… Continue reading 12:35 pm